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PDMLynx Product Data Management Software

PDMLynx from Softricity has helped a wide variety of companies solve their data management problems. Following are a few of the comments from our customers.

"We had been running our engineering organization on spreadsheets and shared folders but it became so unmanageable that people had difficulty finding the information they needed, new hires especially had a tough time learning where things where kept.  PDMLynx provided us a easy tool that preserved all our revision history and makes it simple to find the current information."

- Database administrator, Custom audio electronics firm


"We evaluated a number of PLM solutions but found them too complex to use and maintain.  PDMLynx was perfect.  It solved all of our data management issues and we had it up and running in no time. "

- Engineering manager, Marine products company


"One of the key reasons we implemented PDMLynx was that we use outside manufacturing subcontractors and managing our approved manufacturer’s list overtime had been a challenge.  PDMLynx’s supplier features have solved this problem. "

- Engineering lead, Audio conferencing products firm


“We needed a tool to provide our factory floor simple access to engineering information that will guarantee they see the latest revision of all the documents they need.   PDMLynx did the trick.  Our factory floor is happy and manufacturing errors due to obsolete documentation have been eliminated.”

- Manufacturing engineer, Large bottling facility


"Having an automated ECO process across multiple interrelated BOMs, with easy access to the complete ECO history is what moved us from our manual system to PDMLynx.  It has been great. "

- Engineering manager, Custom imaging equipment


"We looked at tools provided by our CAD supplier but their organization was driven from the document making it hard to see the overall product picture beyond CAD.  PDMLynx’s logic approach of attaching all information to the part/revision works far better for us. "

- Engineering manager, Cutting machines company


"We needed a simple method to understand the cost of our new designs as the evolved during the development process.  PDMLynx’s ability to provide costed BOMS and redline BOM changes across revisions was the killer app for us."

- Lead Engineer, Petrochemical process design firm


Market research:  A study by Aberdeen reports that implementing product data management provides Best-in-Class firms with:

  • 25-35% reduction in design cycle time
  • 10-15% reduction in time to volume cycles
  • 17.5% reduction in product costs