Manage Part Numbers, BOMs, AVLs, Documents and ECOs

Powerful PDM Software

PDMLynx Material Sourcing Management

PDMLynx manages approved manufacturer and sources data for every part number in the system. The complete set of information required to purchase the part is maintained for each supplier/manufacturer combination. For every part PDMLynx captures:

- Supplier name
- Supplier type
- Supplier part number
- Part description
- Approved manufacturer of part
- Manufacturer's part number
- Notes to purchasing agent
- Web link for part
- Minimum purchase quantity
- Minimum package quantity
- Purchase price
- Leadtime
- Ability to attach a spec sheet to every supplier/manufacturer combination

To drive sourcing PDMLynx provides detailed Approved Manufacturer, Request for Quote and Sourcing Options reports in tab delimited format.


Sample AVL/AML Screen for Part RC1012

PDMLynx also maintains complete supplier contact information providing all the information to the drive purchasing process. Information captured includes:

-Supplier Name
- Supplier Type
- Mailing Address
- Website
- Primary Contact Information
- Secondary Contact Information
- Ability to attach a document to the supplier such as a contract agreement

Supplier Contact Information Screen