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PDMLynx Management of Product Design Documents

PDMLynx Products module provides elegant management of the complex set of electronic documents that define an organization's products. These electronic documents can include but are not limited to:

Mechanical Drawings



Parts Lists

Assembly procedures

Inspection procedures

Test procedures


Product schedule records

Product development records

Test data

Sales or promotional artwork


PDMLynx manages product documents created with virtually any PC based application. Examples include:







Custom software—if it is on your workstation, PDMLynx can launch it!


PDMLynx supports up to twenty user-defined document groups, each supporting up to eight program types.  As part of initial configuration, each document type is defined, along with the application required to create and edit it.  These documents can be attached to any part number and maintained under PDMLynx control.

Any user with the required application on their workstation and the correct level of PDMLynx authority can view or edit these documents within the PDMLynx document control processes.

Sample Product Management Screen

The documents bar on the right displays all document types configured during system setup.
Button icons indicate these documents are currently linked to the selected part number.

Through this screen external documents are linked to part numbers and edited under revision control.