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PDMLynx Part Number Management

PDMLynx Parts module supports customer-defined part number formats. Macro-level parts categories are created through the use of prefixes. Revision level tracking is supported at the pre-release and release part levels.   

Within the Parts Manager module, all part numbers are created and edited to capture:

- Part number assigned
- Part description
- Source Code
- Unit of measure
- Compliance to industry specifications such as RoHS
- Vendor spec sheet
- Estimated cost
- Part Status
- Name of individual who created the part
- Twelve user defined fields
- Any additional notes needed

The part number format and selectable options for status, source code, compliance and units of measure fields are definable as part of PDMLynx installation. Prefix and part number formatting guides create consistency across multiple users in the part number creation process. These features allow PDMLynx to be customized to meet any part number requirements.  

The complete part number data set is exportable to a tab delimited file for import into another tool or external information queries.

Sample Part Number Creation Screen

Quick launch buttons allow for rapid entry and editing.

Existing Parts window displays all parts within the selected prefix.

Guide window displays your rules on part number creation.
Prefix window displays all your prefixes. If additional prefixes are required, they can be added through this module.