Manage Part Numbers, BOMs, AVLs, Documents and ECOs

Powerful PDM Software

PDMLynx Product Overview

PDMLynx creates a central record of all parts, BOMs and required supporting documentation that gives everyone in the corporation one location for the single version of the truth. 

PDMLynx assures this truth through a simple, auditable, electronic ECO approval and release process that provides revision control on every document and BOMS that requires it. 

PDMLynx leverages the application tools already in use in your company assuring support for any document type your company requires. 

PDMLynx PDM software is built around five elements:

  • Part number management
    Material sourcing management
  • Bills of Materials (BOM) management
  • Management of engineering documents
  • Streamlining Engineering Change Orders (ECO)

Robust management of these PDM components eliminates the bottlenecks and confusion caused by wayward, misnamed, disorganized or un-locatable documents.


Sample PDMLynx Home Screen

PDMLynx's Notifications window flag ECO activity to all users configured to receive ECO notifications. This window is also used to flag automatic distributions of software updates to the user community.

The icons left to right provide access to PDMLynx Administration, Supplier module, Parts module, BOMs module, and Products module of PDMLynx. Individual users only see the modules for which they have authorization.