Manage Part Numbers, BOMs, AVLs, Documents and ECOs

Powerful PDM Software

PDMLynx Initial Product Configuration

PDMLynx is highly configurable, allowing it to be tailored to meet any business need.  The system administrator has access to the following parameters to set up the product:

Network Data Folder
Defines the path to the server that stores the PDMLynx data files.

Defines the external document types to be managed by PDMLynx.  Sets up the required applications to launch each document, the level of ECO control, and the radio button text to access them.

Part Numbers
Defines the prefix, body and revision part number scheme for PDMLynx.

P/N Attributes 1
Allows customization of the part number status, source code and compliance selections available in the pull down menus.

P/N Attributes 2
Provides the creation of up to 12 customer specific part number fields attached to each part number

Supports replacement of the PDMLynx logo on the home screen with your company logo and provides a link to store general corporate documents such as ISO procedures via a click on this logo. 

List of computers within your company that have access to PDMLynx.  Each new workstation requires a  one time authorization at their initial log in request after installing the application.

Database of system user ID/password and the editing/approval privileges assigned.

User Control Panel

Tool to install an update to PDMLynx that will automatically be distributed to the entire  user community as they log in.  Also provides a complete update history.

Defines the approval requirements for released and unreleased part numbers. To streamline the engineering process, independent approval processes for Released and Un-Released parts are supported.

Product Categories
Establishes customer specific folders to organize part numbers in the documents window.

Provides log files on general activity, ECOs and file transfers by user name.

Email server configuration for email distribution of all PDMLynx ECO notifications.