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PDMLynx Engineering Change Order Process

PDMLynx Products module enables ECO management of all documents under PDMLynx control. This includes both externally created documents and BOMs created within PDMLynx.  Both  Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes are provided.

PDMLynx’s Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes are fully automated, freeing the document editor to spend time on changes to the documents themselves rather than the logistics of the change process. 

PDMLynx document change process automates:

  • The communication of Engineering Change Requests (ECRs) and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs).
  • The determination of scope, i.e. which other part numbers are affected.
  • The creation of new part number revisions needed for an ECO.
  • Managing editor access to documents attached to affected part numbers.
  • Guidance for ECO author/s through all affected documents.
  • Adding color highlight alerts to affected part numbers in BOM trees.
  • Instant ECO alert notifications sent to all concerned parties.
  • Providing quick-links for ECO approvers to review an ECO.
  • Updating all affected BOMs with new revision part numbers upon close of ECO.

Every user impacted by an ECR or ECO receives notification on their PDMLynx home screen driving a paperless automated information and approval process. 


Sample ECO Request Screen

Stock Disposition, Effect of Change and Signofff fields are completely customizable by the PDMLynx administrator