Manage Part Numbers, BOMs, AVLs, Documents and ECOs

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PDMLynx Product Data Management Software

What is it?
PDMLynx from Softricity is a product data management tool designed for small to medium-sized engineering and manufacturing businesses.

What services does PDMLynx provide?
- Productivity improvements through automated management of product data.
- Centralized product data information.
- One, simple data source for your entire organization to access.
- Avoids the expense and burden of broad PLM products that require months of  integration and corporate-wide process changes.

PDMLynx solves common business problems such as:

  • * Locating the latest information on any component the company uses
  • * Knowing who made the change to every document and why it was changed
  • * Understanding the impact of a component change across all products
  • * Quickly installing a part change to all the BOMs in the company
  • * Assuring all work is on the latest revision of the product design
  • * Confirming every part in the assembly meets compliance standards
  • * Keeping track of all shipping revisions of the product
  • * Capturing approved manufacturers and suppliers for each part
  • * Speeding up the ECO process to reduce development time
  • * Creating processes that met the requirements of industry certifications
  • * Allows for multiple databases. Perfect for engineering design shops and contract manufacturing houses.

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