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PDMLynx Bill of Material Management

PDMLynx BOMs module provides for the creation of an associated list of part numbers or “BOM” for any part, including those which have BOMs of their own, thus creating the ability to generate part number trees of infinite depth. 

The BOM Manager window presents the list of part number prefixes which, when selected, populate the part number window with the complete list of parts for the prefix selected. 

The BOM is created by selecting the needed parts and entering their required quantity and placement reference information.  Editing existing BOMs follow the same process.  PDMLynx automatically detects a recursive BOM, (loop in the tree), assuring all BOMs are created correctly.

BOMs are maintained as High-Control documents within PDMLynx. This provides ECO management and rev number tracking of all changes once they are released.

The BOM Manager also offers a variety of BOM and costed BOM reports to meet all internal and external department needs.

Complete or individual BOM data sets are exportable to a tab delimited file for import into another tool or external information queries.

Sample BOM Editing screen

The window on the left is the BOM being edited.

The parts window in the upper right displays all parts available to add to the BOM within the Prefix selection that was made in the window on the lower left.